~Eithne C.

Rollins College Center for Lifelong Learning, Orlando, FL

"Paul Jacob is an excellent facilitator, in that he can entertain many sides of a topic without appearing to be leaning one way or the other. This is particularly difficult to do, especially when discussing matters of various religious and worship practices/ beliefs etc.  Jake has a low key, endearing personality and a wry sense of humor, two attributes which make his style enjoyable, and interesting." 

~Debbie B.  

Autumn Alchemy Retreat Participant, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

"Paul Jacob skillfully guided each individual in our retreat to experience the power of the place within us that feeds us in harmony with our physical place at the moment.  And he helped each of us realize what it is about a physical place that nurtures our individual inner space, our soul if you will, empowering us to seek those attributes and incorporate them into our lives.  Jake's experience, knowledge, compassion and wisdom are part of what make him a great teacher!"

~James Ehrlich, 

PBS Television Director, San Francisco, CA

“Paul Jacob is one of these rare personalities that embody the essence of living freely, of speaking from the heart and of representing a purity of soul that is so simple, it makes one giddy with happiness. There is something else about Jake, an unquantifiable energy that transcends this 'veil of Maya,' where in his presence one is able to get closer to the best parts of themselves in an effortless way.”

~Eric Mulholland,

Director, Power of Hope Camps, Seattle, WA

 "I had the great pleasure of working with Paul Jacob at a holistic summer youth camp.  His presence is calm and reassuring; he had youth crowding around the kitchen to get a glimpse of the next exciting and delicious dish to emerge from the oven.  Jake has an amazing ability to create sumptuous food that is deeply nourishing, striking provocative notes with flavorful spices and fresh ingredients."

~Jill Norburn

Director of the Rollins College Lifelong Learning program, Winter Park, FL

"Paul Jacob has been teaching RCLL classes such as The Power of Place, Music of Place, Thomas Merton, Mystical Sufi Poetry, Flowing Teachings of the Tao Te Ching, Zen: This is it, or is it?, and Transcendentalism: Uniting Nature & Spirit for over three years now. When students leave his class, they stop me in the hall to tell me not only how phenomenal the topic was, but also how the instructor has changed their life forever. I have never met another individual like him; we would be thrilled to get more instructors like Jake."     

~Linda H.

Westminster Winter Park, Florida

"Paul Jacob's free spirit and uplifting thoughts encourage his students to seek their peaceful place in this often chaotic world."


~Kitty Ufford-Chase

Co-Director of Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY

"We are really grateful to Jake for helping us strengthen our connections with outside venues during his time as artist-in-residence. His efforts move us closer to our vision for the Art Space as a resource for connecting art, spirituality, and activism across the region."