What is Nomadic Devotion?

For I came to understand that it is through meaningful manual labor and service to others that we come into contact with the loving conscious aspect of our true self.
— Jake, from his book "Blue Collar Nomad"

Nomadic Devotion is the path of writer, teacher, chef, gardener, speaker, and contemplative guide Paul W. Jacob (Jake).  This way conveys that when we follow our deepest calling from The Beloved, we will find ourselves in the places where our true work occurs. This involves both interior and exterior processes, as meditation and contemplation reach their zenith when they are brought into the world through our vocations. In this light, our life becomes our prayer.

Paul W. Jacob speaking on Nomadic Devotion

Nomadic Devotion demonstrates that by being fully present in our lives, The Beloved can work through us in ways that are mysterious to the socially conditioned world.  Many people have jobs, but they have not yet discovered their true calling because of fear and anxiety about their material needs and personal comfort. Jesus of Nazareth spoke plainly in Matthew 6:25 when he taught that we cannot add a single moment to our life by being anxious. We need to let go of fear and trust in our calling. Self-centered thoughts keep us in separation; love opens us to wholeness.

Nomadic Devotion imparts that our work in this world must connect us to something greater than our self. The Bhagavad Gita asserts that we have the right to work, but for the work's sake only. Desire for the fruits of work must never be our motive in working. This does not mean that we cannot be paid for our services in order to provide food and shelter for ourselves; it means that sacred work is performed without selfish thoughts or greedy burdens. For a true laborer does not work for fame or fortune.

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Nomadic Devotion allows that this work may not revolve around one traditional job that is advertised on a website. As Jake shows, this could be through cooking for at-risk youth, creating gardens for families, leading spiritual formation groups at senior citizen residences, presenting contemplative retreats at monasteries, writing essays and books about marginalized people and natural places, teaching at community colleges, presenting haiku writing workshops at public libraries, and feeding/clothing our homeless neighbors and friends whenever possible.

The paramount lesson of the path of Nomadic Devotion is not how your life looks on the outside to the socially conditioned world, but that you accept your calling from within and offer your work to your community and The Beloved with an open heart and a joyful spirit.

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Third Printing - $12

Third Printing - $12

Nomadic Devotion - A Contemporary Inquiry into the Poetics of Place

This collection of poems and essays takes the deep study of locality, and through its contemplative lens, renders it approachable to anyone with an interest in the trans-formative power of place.  The writings also usher the reader on a seasonal journey to locales throughout the United States and Canada.

~This book was published by Nomadic Devotion Books and printed in the U.S.A. on recycled paper with plant-based inks.