The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are... One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that.
— Joseph Campbell

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facilitating retreats and lectures that foster inter-religious dialog and interfaith understanding at spiritual and community centers


working with individuals and groups by dedicating time to contemplative prayer, sacred texts, self-reflection, journaling, and deep environmental encounters


feeding people through farmer’s markets, seasonal dinners, catering special events, and serving meals to our elderly friends and homeless neighbors


creating meditation gardens, backyard vegetable patches, native plant commons, and outdoor art installments using found objects, sustainable methods, and organic materials


teaching classes at local colleges, public libraries, community centers and senior residences

presenting talks on ethical journalism, independent publishing, the power of place, and sacred gardening


publishing literary works and recordings that delve deeply into spirituality, the poetics of place, environmental connection and the lives of marginalized people

delivering solo readings and literary performances with musical accompaniment

Click on the book below to purchase Jake's latest literary and artistic work titled "Falling onto the Ground."

Limited edition - $30

Limited edition - $30

This beautifully designed collection of seasonal Haiku, Tanka, and Lanterne poems paired with Autumn Leaf Prints honors the fleeting glory of autumn and its transition into the contemplative grace of the bare winter landscape. The 41 full-color leaf prints also offer an environmental insight into the varietals of trees that inhabit the northeast region. This book is a work of art inspired by the sacredness of creation.  

*This book was published by the Stony Point Center, a multi-faith retreat center in the Lower Hudson River Valley, where Jake served as the artist-in-residence from September 2017 - May 2018.  It was printed in the U.S.A. on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with plant-based inks.