It is our willingness to work beyond our comfort zones that allows us to stretch towards new altitudes of understanding.
— Jake
Jake on bridge

Beginning at the age of twenty, Jake’s life was transformed by a series of mystical experiences that The Beloved graced him with.  These profound occurrences led him to the holistic study of world religions and their mystical traditions. This transformation also harvested a deep love for the Earth within Jake, which has led him to work at helping to foster environmental connection and reverence for the natural world.

After the completion of his formal studies, which includes a B.A. in Journalism and a M.A. in Writing and Consciousness Studies, Jake embarked on a nomadic journey that lasted for twelve years.  During this time he lived and worked all over the world, including many contemplative periods at Christian, Buddhist, and Zen monasteries, working as a chef and restaurant manager at farm-to-table establishments, being a writer-in-residence and organic gardener at spiritual retreat centers, working as a journalist, and teaching writing to and mentoring at-risk youth for several renowned educational programs.  He has also taught journalism, world religions, and writing classes at several colleges.

Paul W. Jacob on The Meaning of Work

Jake’s path has also brought him into intimate contact with marginalized people in various locations. These specific experiences helped to open his heart in order to realize that there are no others—-just sons and daughters of The Beloved—-some of whom have no food or shelter. The Beloved has helped him to see those who are usually unseen by mainstream society. Many of Jake’s published poems, stories, essays, and books relate these formative interactions through literary means.

There is no one school or religion or organization that could have provided Jake with the transformational milieu that he has encountered during his many years of Nomadic Devotion.  He is truly thankful for the unique path that The Beloved has ushered him onto and the authentic work that it offers. To paraphrase The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 9: That person who does holy work because it should be done, and surrenders selfishness and thought of reward, their work is pure, and is peace.

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First Edition - $17

First Edition - $17

This engaging collection of travel essays explores the environmental, cultural, and spiritual topography of North America through the rhythmic lens of a nomadic soul.  Each of these essays present meaningful dialogues between the author and a cast of  unique and marginalized local characters which explore what it means to be in-place, to feel out-of-place, and the idea/reality of home in a postmodern, materialistic world.

~This book was published by Nomadic Devotion Books and printed in the U.S.A. on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with plant-based inks.