Essay - Our True Thirst

Techno-Absorption and the Unconscious Social Current by Paul W. Jacob

Soda Springs, Idaho   

Soda Springs, Idaho


We live in a world where a vast majority of people have allowed technology and the unconscious social current to direct their course, causing us to be easily distracted and manipulated, unable to sustain precise attention, and although this so-called improved equipment is advertised as helping to create connection, all one has to do is look around at the millions of heads down with manic typing fingers to see the debilitating aloneness and lack of real community these machines and gadgets have molded with our blind support. There is no worthy reason to publically post about every one of our trivial thoughts and actions or to collect friends like stamps or to create a profile where we superficially express our happiness and build ourselves up while inside we feel bereft of love and wonder.  Remember this, you cannot dive into or submerse yourself in a puddle or a shallow pool; nor will a fantastical mirage quench your true thirst.  

There is a substantial unfamiliarity with the mystical soil of life at this time, which has led to the inability to engage with and an overall apathy towards the estranged depth of our being.  One reason for this psychosomatic separation is because our way of communicating with one another has been stunted with empty symbols and abbreviated phrases, by ticking clocks and an absence of archetypal language and metaphors to foster spiritual depth.   For example, eye contact and silent time alone has been replaced with hypnotism by tiny and/or large screens and constant senseless background noise wherever we go. However, our inherent meaning as human beings comes from a capacity “to be or not to be” open to dynamic assembly, which includes silence and soulful togetherness devoid of distraction in order  to journey together meaningfully.  There is no specific technology or social forum that is needed for this seminal immersion, only a longing to be real with each other and awaken together.

Nomadic Devotion is a revolution, both within and without, of sustainable, focused, individual and communal vitality, not against technology or mass conditioning, but towards the evolutionary connection offered by the spirited breadth of our whole inborn stillness.