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Beginning at the age of twenty, my life was transformed by a series of mystical experiences that The Beloved graced me with.  It is very important to understand that a mystical experience can only occur through the grace of The Beloved; they do not happen through good works, drug use, or ascetic practices.  However, after the mystical initiation occurs, the mystic must then do his/her part to accept the divine calling, which includes integrating and ultimately living out from the experiential faith and love that the mystical experience(s) reveal.  St. John of the Cross pronounces that this mystical way proceeds more from unknowing rather than knowing.  As this integration occurs, a mystic is both experientially and intuitively aware of the reality that we live, move, and have our being in The Beloved, as Acts 17:28 conveys in the New Testament.

Due to my deep calling, I have dedicated my adult life to my spiritual path, the practice of contemplative art, and the holistic study of world religions and their mystical traditions. This way has enabled me to build deep bonds with sincere teachers and seekers from all over the world who represent many different beliefs and practices. My time spent living and working at various monasteries and spiritual retreat centers has also aided my evolution and teaching.

Paul W. Jacob on The Meaning of Work

After the completion of my formal studies, which includes a B.A. in Journalism and a M.A. in Writing and Consciousness Studies, I embarked on an experiential nomadic educational and work journey that lasted for twelve years.  During this time I lived and worked all over the world, including many contemplative periods at Christian, Buddhist, and Zen monasteries, as well as stints working as a chef, writer-in-residence and organic gardener at spiritual retreat centers, and teaching writing to and mentoring at-risk youth for several renowned educational programs. 

Due to the kind of holistic work that I do, and my penchant for traveling, I have been involved in many deep moments of transformation with various communities, organizations, grassroots businesses, families, and individuals.  This kind of work requires an ability to perceive the overall situation with a clear, yet detached view, in order to facilitate conscious growth from the experience.

The path of Nomadic Devotion is one where we constantly practice availing ourselves of all the baggage that would prevent this clear unattached view, in order to be of service to the greater community.  It is both a spiritual discipline and a revolutionary art to engage authentically with whatever individual, group or environment that we come into contact with.  There is no one school or religion or organization that could have provided me with the transformational milieu that I have encountered during my many years of Nomadic Devotion.  I am truly thankful for my unique path, and the wisdom I have absorbed from the many human and environmental teachers that The Beloved ushered me to.

My true calling in life is working as a contemplative guide for sincere seekers and facilitating holistic retreats at spiritual centers throughout North America.  For, as the Bhagavad Gita 18:9 illuminates: that person who does holy work because it should be done, and surrenders selfishness and thought of reward, their work is pure, and is peace.